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Reliable gasket datasheets online

Additional approved Certificates

Publish your data made easy


Material testing

Determine data according to the standard EN 13555 for the gasket product

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Prepare data

Simply put in the data into our user-optimized web form

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Your data is checked by a independend third party

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Publication of the data to and the API

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Publish your product now

OPEN - INDEPENDENT - FREE is the only open, independent and free database for reliable gasket data. Open means that any organisation or company can publish it's data on, no ifs, ands or buts. Independent means, that there is no lobbying body behind Free means, that the published data is public and free to use by anyone. is a place for reliable gasket data which is the basis for calculating tight connections. is fundamental for the safe operation of plants and machines. Since 2006, with participation of the ESA and the Gaskets Workinggroup this vision is made available by the UAS Münster. Even today the Gaskets Workinggroup is envolved in the Orientation and Development.

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The Gaskets Working Group, an open group of sealing technology experts, has been doing great work for many years in the field of standardization and development of sealing technology in general and in the development of Even though some of the companies involved are in competition on the market, the active, constructive and productive participation is a decisive and positive characteristic of the working group. We do not take this for granted at all - thank you very much, keep it up!

We say 'Keep up the good work!' and thank you for your active participation in the Gaskets Working Group!


The right data just in time

Use the reliable gasket data just in time for your purpose? Our solution: the API. The API is an interface for calculation software, apps and websites. The API enables you to transfer the data with a dramatically reduced risk of transfer errors into your app.

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